Asian Medical Students & Residents Society of Neurosurgery (AMSRS)

Today’s era of technology has made networking a miraculous tool to bring us under one roof to share knowledge, experiences and ideas with the world, just a click away.

Students form an integral part of any society and there is a dire need to involve them in the neurosurgical community. The foundation of the Neurosurgery Students’ Society as a student wing of Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons aims to connect students with the neurosurgical community and provides an insight to the practice of neurosurgery across the globe.

Established as a social media page in September 2017, it has conducted over 70 online lectures broadcasted by Neurosurgical TV. It is a pleasure to see the overwhelming interest of medical students and residents, as well as neurosurgeons from around the world that are a part of regular webcasts either as presenters, panelists or viewers. The society aims to focus on subjects related to neurosurgery as well as developing research and writing skills among its students.

On behalf of the society, I would like to thank the advisory committee for the support needed to put this vision into existence. I hope that this society continues to flourish and encourage medical students to familiarize and adapt themselves with the field of neurosurgery from a young age.

Thank You.

Hira Burhan MD, Pakistan
Founding President, ACNS Young Neurosurgeons’ Society