Today’s era of technology has made networking a miraculous tool to bring us under one roof to share knowledge, experiences and ideas with the world, just a click away.

Students form an integral part of any society and there is a dire need to involve them in the neurosurgical community. The foundation of the Asian Medical Students & Residents Society (AMSRS) for Neurosurgery is a milestone towards fulfilling the vision of creating a global Neurosurgical community. With the keen support of Prof. Yoko Kato and the Executive Committee of the Asian Congress, this society will grow deeper roots and provide a platform to interns, trainees, and junior residents, all of whom encompass the wide spectrum of Neurosurgical students.

On behalf of the society, I would like to thank the advisory committee and those who stood steadfast for the support needed to put this vision into existence. I hope that this serves the purpose to encourage medical students familiarize and adapt themselves with the field of neurosurgery from a young age and contribute effectively to the neurosurgical community.

Thank You.

Hira Burhan MD, Pakistan
Founding President, Asian Medical Students & Residents Society for Neurosurgery (AMSRS)