AMSRS First Educational Course & Hands-on Workshop, Nov 2018, Nepal

AMSRS First Educational Course & Hands-on Workshop
November 29 & 30, 2018

Nobel Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Biratnagar, Nepal

Keeping up with its mission to bridge the gap between medical students and the neurosurgical community, the AMSRS conducted its first educational conference and hands-on workshop, in collaboration with the Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons (ACNS) and World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) in the city of Biratnagar, Nepal at the Nobel Medical College and Teaching Hospital, directed by Prof. Iype Cherian (Director, Nobel Institute of Neurosciences & Counselor General, ACNS) and Dr. Hira Burhan (President, AMSRS).

The two-day course comprised a series of scientific and non-scientific lectures and basic neurosurgical hands-on skill workshop designed specifically for medical students interested to pursue neurosurgery. Esteemed faculty from all around the world took active participation in delivering state-of-the art lectures covering a range of topics from basic anatomy to minimally invasive surgical approaches.

Interactive lectures covering in-depth cerebral anatomy and radiology with clinical correlates were delivered to orient students for basic learnings. Challenges for Young neurosurgeons in minimally invasive techniques and scientific lectures on Spinal tumors, endoscopic approaches, eye-brow approach and clinoidectomy were presented by esteemed faculty. The neuro-trauma session covered epidemiology and the concept of “CSF-Shift” leading to advances like Cisternostomy using cisternal drainage to decrease intracranial pressures, preventing cytotoxic edema.

The hands-on lab focused primarily on basic surgical skills including suturing, drilling on eggshells, bur hole on wood planks, dissections on brain specimens to study cortical tracts and spinal anatomy on models. A dedicated station was also set up for hands-on micro-anastomosis.

A dedicated session for young neurosurgeon abstract presentation was organized where undergraduate medical students presented on interesting cases and discussed the scope of artificial intelligence and other prospective advances in surgical industry.

This course was the first of its kind to introduce medical students on stage and emphasis the importance of creating a perfect work-life balance. Lectures on Creativity and Neurosurgery opened the visions of students to see neurosurgery as an art. While talking about God through Science, Prof. Cherian emphasized on the need to think beyond boundaries and fears.

The course was graced by the presence of honorable Prof. Yoko Kato, who has been a continuous support for the AMSRS since its inception. She paid tribute to her teacher, late Prof. T. S. Kanaka and shared the challenges in neurosurgery being faced by developing countries today.

The entire course was televised live on Neurosurgical TV by Dr. John Bennett, with an online audience of more than 1000. We would like to thank our organizers, volunteers, faculty and participants who made this a great success and a stepping stone towards building bridges and creating a stronger neurosurgical community.

Dr. Hira Burhan
President, Asian Medical Students & Residents Society for Neurosurgery
Organizer, AMSRS Educational Course and Hands-on Workshop, Nov 2018, Nepal

Date:  Tuesday, December 4, 2018

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